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You may also find some help in the ideas suggested in these following pages as well. 

These pages are miscellaneous written works.

Anger and Rejection  All anger is rooted in rejection. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Arguing the Facts You can argue forever on the details and make no progress.

Body-Relationship Metaphor The human body and relationships have some things in common.

Competence  We all have to learn everything from the basics to the exotics of relationship work.

Decision Balance Sheets  Have you ever had a hard time making a decision because you could not keep all the issues up front in you mind at one time?

Differences in Male and Female Communication  If we communicate with the understanding that we are to do all things in love toward each other, we have to come to an understanding of how to cross the gender lines and communicate.

The 80 Percent Rule  It is not so much that you are inefficient in what you do, but that you may be inefficient in how much you try to do some things which do not have to be perfect.

Expectation Management  Expectations: Thoughts about what another person in a relationship, or you yourself, will or will not do.

Fertilizer Occurs!  It is time to grow.

Gender Different Communication The process of communication is very powerful when used appropriately.

Levels of Competence We have to practice good skills to become competent in relationships.

Mid-Life Crisis  Past or future plan?

More on Stress Management  If you are like most people who can read, you have seen a world of stress management information cross your field of vision.

Respect High or special regard is gained by evaluation and consistency.

Rules of Life  If fairness is important to you, get on with it.  Treat each person fairly.

The Turmoil of the Self-Made Man  Why do it? Why not? Why?

Worry vs Concern  Short course on slowing or stopping worry.