Boat over very large fishCar with many people and luggageExpectation Management


Expectations: Thoughts about what another person in a relationship, or you yourself, will or will not do. Not exactly trust but can be reinforced by trust. You may have more or less the same definition, please use this definition to expect the management of expectations to work well.

Details of Expectations:

1. Expectations can be realistic or unrealistic.

A. Realistic expectations are based upon actual expressed promises or commands. (i.e. "I would like you to put the car in the driveway and not on the street.")

B. Unrealistic expectations are based upon thoughts that the other person can or will do what is expected without an actual expression (i.e. Just hoping the car is put in the driveway safety.)

12-Inch Ruler2. Expectations must be measurable by the person holding them and the person expected to conform. (i.e. The car in the driveway is measurable by location.)

  Large pencil3. Expectations are expressed by words that describe what is expected to occur. They cannot be vaguely implied to be realistic. They cannot be obvious to one and not the other. Words are the best method to clarify and understand the expectation.  


Management of expectations:

two hands embracing1. Expectations must be accepted by the one being expected, at least in concept, or they cannot be reasonably fulfilled. (i.e. The two must have some open agreement.)

Two women talking at a desk2. When an expectation is given, the method of measurement and the amount expected must be clearly expressed. The expected one will be wise to restate the expectation method of measure and the amount at the time the expectation is given. Work out the details until both clearly understand what is expected. (i.e. I will look outside to see the car in the driveway.)

Man pushing a ball up-hill3. Any expectation not clearly and verbally expressed and understood is an unrealistic expectation. However, playing stupid is not an excuse. (i.e. The car put in the neighbor's yard does not work, even though it is safe from traffic.)

4. On very important or critical matters, submit the expectation to writing and signatures.Hand signing a document

5. Once the expectation is fulfilled, there is no more expectation of that item unless re-expressed by the one doing the expecting.