It is time to grow when:


Fertilizer Occurs!

A tomato seed will grow in clean sand and clear water, but not very much.  It has sufficient fertilizer within to get it started.  If more fertilizer is applied with additional water, the tomato will grow even farther.  If no fertilizer or water is added the tomato will falter and die. If too much fertilizer is added, the roots will burn and the tomato will falter and die.  A right mix of fertilizer and water is needed to keep the tomato in the right circumstances to grow.  If the tomato does not pull up water and fertilizer, it will falter and die.  Seems that growth is the only option over faltering and dying.

Life has many tough circumstances that come to us when we are not ready, in our own minds. These circumstances strengthen us.  They strengthen us by opening our eyes to possibilities.  We are further strengthened by the exercise of our will to do what is right and good to others and ourselves.  Most of the time, we step into these circumstances unaware that they are there.  How we pre-act, pro-act and react will determine how we grow on from that circumstance.  Get on with it and grow.