Belief Statement

1.  I believe there is only One God and He is One, the Creator, that He is Triune in nature and operation, that God The Father is part of the Trinity, that Jesus is the Son of God, Son of Man, and part of the Trinity, being born of a virgin who was made with Child by the Holy Spirit, Who is part of the Trinity, and this Jesus died for all sin for all men for all time, and The Holy Spirit is with us today to do the exploits of God's choosing today.  Jesus will return again someday. (I hope it will be soon.)

2.  The only source of salvation for a joyful eternal life after physical death is Jesus Christ.  Acceptance of God's terms for salvation grant the guarantee by God Himself.  Yes, Hell does exist and there will be no communion with God in that place.  A preference for communion with God is expressed by accepting God's terms for life with Him.  Failure to accept His terms is tantamount to expressing that a person does not want to be with Him.

3.  I also believe:

   a.  that we are created with gifts that we are able to give away as acts of goodness and glory to God.

   b.  giving away in what we have been gifted will cause our lives to flourish.

   c.  holding onto things in what we are gifted will cause us to rot from the inside.

   d.  when others give to us, we find common purposes on which to build relationships.

4.  I have gifts to give and I want us to give our gifts wisely.

5.  You have needs you do not know and needs that you do know.  Only by exposure to healthy stress, will we ever grow to maturity.

6.  Give wisely and you can give without regrets.  Give generously and others will give back.  Give what is yours and your life flourishes in ways you did not plan.  Giving with wisdom is the key.

7.  We can receive wisdom for anything true under the sun.