Christian Oriented Articles for further thought and study.

You may also find some help in the ideas suggested in these following pages as well. 

These pages are miscellaneous written works.

OTHERISHNESS  Otherishness is the opposite of selfishness in every way.

53787  In this is redemptions story.

AND HE OPENED  Behold Him and see Him open your understanding to the fullness of the scripture.

BEHOLD HIM  This series of verses carries an enormous message to those who are in Christ Jesus and struggle with the behavior that besets them.

BIOS to ZOE Focus Change   God designed us for environmental understanding with a spiritual perspective.

Chew-sing  To please God we must be testing the words we use and the words we hear and discern the truth.

Crossing Grand Spiritual Station  Imagine you are a two-year-old with your hand held by your near-perfect parent. You are crossing with him in Grand Central Station at rush hour.

Deep Calls Unto Deep  God calls and draws you out into the deep.

De-Drossing  Often in the life of a saint, the Lord takes opportunity to remove from him or her that which He does not want in the saint.

Diamonds  Are you a diamond or coal? On the first Christmas, the pressure needed for perfection was focused on a small baby in a cavern stall on the surface of the earth.

Differences in Male and Female Communication  If we communicate with the understanding that we are to do all things in love toward each other, we have to come to an understanding of how to cross the gender lines and communicate.

Discerning God' Will in Making a Decision  Five elements will be present when God would have you make a decision that will bring a change in your life.

Divine Expectations In relationships, many people develop expectations of others that just do not work out. This brings confusion and frustration into the relationship. Do you expect too much from people of the opposite gender?  (See also:  Divine Expectations  that Men have of Women OR Divine Expectations that Women have for Men.)

Dynamic Blanking  He has given us grace to blank out our iniquities and will make them of no effect...

Environment   It takes the Creator to adjust us from the inside.

God's Love is never satisfied.

Growth of Eyes and Faith  As we continue to grow, we can count on Him to be there to meet the need we have not learned to meet or that we will never be able to meet.

Hope  Hope, to the Hebrew believer in God and the early Christian was an abiding in the fact that faith in the truth is absolutely rewarded.

The Hose  When the water is turned on at the spigot, a supply of fresh water is ready to go wherever the hose is pointed.

Human Relationships in the Beginning  God has many traits and surely some traits we have not yet discovered. One of God’s traits always operates in His relationships. That trait gives.

Imagination at the Retina of Faith When the eye is working as designed, an image hits the retina because light has focused on the retina and nerve impulses stream to the brain and an image is formed.

Knowledge vs Understanding vs Wisdom  We go through a series of steps in learning. First we are ignorant.

Light Bulbs of the World  How often do you look at a light bulb when you walk into a room and turn on the lights?

Motivations of Jesus  What are your motivations based upon as you go about this life?  Check the intents of your heart.

What Did the Prodigal Son and His Older Brother Share  The father gave him life if he would just use it. He also gave life to the older son.

Right Thing Thinking  I believe His only motivation is doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Saints and Shadows  Consider your life as it is now. Is all you see shadows?

Service  The life of Christ in us.

Sexual Capital  Throughout history, people have squandered the investment God has put in us as sexual capital.

Sin  Selfish Independent Nature

Smart Ass  It may take an angel . . .

Stirred Into Perfection  Tribulation is a form of stirring.

Temptation  To "assay" means to determine the contents of something.

Things to Do to Have a Positive Way of Thinking  Set your mind to be a present unto God in a daily sacrifice to His will.

Tuned In or Tuned Out  We are created to resonate with the designed frequency in harmony with God and others.

Virgins Have Value   According to what God told the people of Israel, a woman who is a virgin, is valuable...

Whatever Things   In our culture today, "whatever" is used as a withdrawal or non-committal comment.

Why  The great imperative operator is "WHY?".