BIOS to ZOE Focus Change

and the Difficulty of the Shift

Circles depicting parts of the whole person

Consider the process that must take place for our understanding to be in full harmony with the will of God. God designed us for environmental understanding with a spiritual perspective. He created us to have both Bios and Zoe. Zoe is spiritual life and the same thing as our ultimate purposefulness. Bios is physical life and our useful purposefulness.Zoe died when Adam and Eve rebelled and tried to be like God instead of in His image. If we do not want God’s will, we cannot live in zoe. We are spiritually dead. Why even have zoe? God designed us to work in zoe as His children and we are incomplete without it and we are discontent without it because we are incomplete.What did the death of zoe in us mean for the long run? Bios stayed alive. We have no appropriate impact from our spiritual nature. We are information seeking organisms. Now the information Adam sought had to come solely from the environment by his senses. Information now came in unregulated by the spiritual truth. (That which is temporal was first conceived in the spiritual.) Not only was the information unregulated, but Satan twisted it to complete the process that would get him even with God.As information comes in, it will appeal to our emotions or intellect. The will then applies decisions with or about the unregulated and/or perverted information. As babies and children, we establish paths in the brain for thoughts and patterns of thought. The unregulated and perverted information now has paths steeped in untruths or half-truths. As a child, truth does not right this wrong information and it becomes a "truth" to us because we do not know any better. Growing, we have to apply the "truths" we know to the world around us and these "truths" do not always work. We get frustrated and begin to doubt the process.In our doubts we begin to set up security systems that will compensate for the lack of truth and build comfort systems that simulate peace. The more we are successful in applying the "truths," the more convinced we are that we are right in our wrong thinking. We become bound to the only thing that seems to make sense although it does not truly satisfy our needs for security. Being incomplete and insecure is an awful combination. Bondage to the untruth is the result.Christ Jesus can redeem the situation. When Jesus died on the cross, God tore the veil from top to bottom. God showed us that we could have zoe again if we would receive it His way. Receiving zoe by His way is tantamount to saying, "You are right and I am wrong. I want to be in relationship with You. Your way is the only right way." God then puts the life of Jesus into us in that area that is spirit and we now have His Spirit giving life to our spirit. Spirit to psychology connection is zoe. The spiritual life that regulates us according to God’s plan has returned. No other zoe option exists.

God grants us life by faith in Christ Jesus. By Jesus’ experience here on earth, He can understand all we go through and how temptations to think wrongly will manifest a spiritual mess. Our Father puts Jesus’ mind in our spirit center and then re-grows us from that born again beginning. We have to readjust everything that is not the truth to the truth. This is the renewing of the mind. As spiritual children, we relearn the truth by faith through our spirit but our minds want to operate on what we already know. We argue within ourselves until the fruit of the spirit convinces us that the truth outcome is real. With the Holy Spirit inhabiting our spirit center and doing in us as Jesus would do, we see things happening that looks like our doing. In reality, we see Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, doing the work. The more we submit to the Holy Spirit and apply the truth, the more content and secure we become. The more the process continues, the more perfected we become. This is maturing. As we mature, we come back to being as our ultimate purposefulness design defines us and our doing displays our usefulness in Christ to the world around us. We come to see and accept that we are human beings not human doings.

Try the thought by C. S. Lewis repeated on this site: