Discerning God’s Will When Making A Decision

Five elements will be present when God would have you make a decision that will bring a change in your life. The five elements are:

1. There will be a restlessness about being where you are. This does not mean an anxiety but a general inability to sit still where you are.

2. There will be a curiosity about something new or different. This may be a new interest or direction to go.

3. There will be a decreasing attachment to the things that are associated with the place where you are.

4. There will be a growing desire to obey, no matter what. There is an overwhelming sense for being obedient to God even though the new thing may be hard or bring discomfort.

5. There will be an inability to turn the thought off. The influence of God through the Holy Spirit will continue bringing thoughts about the new thing to your mind constantly.

These five elements are, in general, from a radio program by Pastor Chuck Swindoll on Insight For Living, (www.insight.org) aired on January 7, 1992 on WPJL (1240 AM) and interpreted by Bill Buck.