Imagination as the Retina of Faith

When the eye is working as designed, an image hits the retina because light has focused on the retina and nerve impulses stream to the brain and an image is formed. This process can occur when there is light available. The light travels in packets of photons that have bounced off of objects and the photons come through the lens of the eye and activate certain rods and cones on the retina that form the nerve signal going to the visual cortex in the brain. We then are seeing. No photons - no seeing.

What if the imagination of our being is intended for “seeing” in the spiritual realm? What if God has streamed forward to us packets of “faith-tons” that will hit the imagination and send a signal to the spirit in a person and form up an image of the spiritual realm. In the Beginning, God said, “Let there be light!” What if that means, “Let faith-tons go forth into all of creation so all will have spiritual sight to see and know me.” Jesus defines Eternal Life as knowing God as the only true and living God and Himself as God’s anointed (John 17:3). We can only know God by faith. Material sight cannot see him. Material sight could see Jesus. He is the expressed image of God in flesh.

To see into the spiritual realm, we must have our imagination in tact. “Imagination is the power God gives a saint to posit himself out of himself into relationships he never was in.” 1 Oswald Chambers is pushing the same frame of imagination being the screen on which God works our relationship with Him. (See also: January 9, February 11, September 14, November 18, and November 24 for more “imagination" references in My Utmost for His Highest. The 1927 version uses “imagination”where the new version does not.)

Jesus spoke of the pure in heart being able to see God. If the heart and the imagination are linked, then a corrupted imagination could not imagine Him. How are the heart and imagination linked???

If the imagination is not cleansed by the blood of Jesus, it cannot form up the faith-ton images of the Holiness. We must become uncorrupt for the image to form. I remember an old home movie screen my family used to watch home movies upon. It had stains that were slightly brown from moisture that damaged the screen. Whenever we watched home movies, we could see the movie and we could see the stains “under” the movie. The movie images were corrupted by the stains. Sin’s stains corrupt our vision of the Holy One.

If we use “lies” as part of the nature of sin, whenever we try to see God, we do not see only the truth. When we watched home movies, the stains were always the same. When we try to think about God, or don’t, the lies will always be the same. The primary lie of Satan is that God does not mean what He says. If we see that every time we try to be faithful to God, we will never believe what God says as the truth. So we need a good screen cleaning. What can wash our imaginations clean of the corrupting lies we have believed before we ever tried to know Him? Only the Blood of Jesus that washes us clean as driven snow.

1February 10, Chambers, Oswald, My Utmost for His Highest, (United Kingdom: Marshall Morgan & Scott) c1927.