Christmas Tree

... In A Green Tree ...

As Jesus struggled up the road to His crucifixion, He looked to the weeping women of Jerusalem and gave them a message for us. In Luke 23:31, Jesus said, "For if such things as this are done to Me, THE LIVING TREE, what will they do to you?" (Living Bible) In another version He is quoted, "For if they do these things in a GREEN TREE, what shall be done in the dry?" (King James) I happened across some scholarly work, by Dr. Roy Blizzard, that gives some Christmas Light to this tragic trek to Jesus' great sacrifice. Dr. Blizzard, Greek and Hebrew scholar, says that the reference to the Green Tree makes little sense in the Greek but lots of sense in the Hebrew. To the the Hebrew mind, Jesus was asserting that he is The Messiah, The Righteous One. Did Jesus give us a message that we barely recognize? A message that will help us understand who He is? I believe so.

When we are about the process of our Green Trees at Christmas, we bare unknown witness to the words of Jesus. The tree is green because green is evidence of growth and resistance to fire. We are urged to select the one perfect tree to fit that special place in our hearts, always knowing that even though small on the tree lot it will grow in its special place at home. We set up a special place for all to see the GREEN TREE. Is this a throne room? We set up trees that, figuratively, point the way to Heaven. We place a special covering at His feet so the gifts are kept above that which is common. We take time to decorate the tree. Is this not proclaiming the majesty, with our earthen symbols, of His robes of a King? We light the tree so that even in the darkness, there is a supernatural light to those who will venture by. We lay beads around to show the continuity of his individual attention to us all, strung through the ages side-by-side. Do we crown the tree with a star that points to the place where he is? Or perhaps we use an angel to top the tree so that we can hear from on high, above his manger, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased." (Revised Standard) When we offer our gifts to others, do we not put them at His feet, and others come to His feet to receive our gifts, gifts we have because He lives. We sing songs around the tree that proclaim His glory, as though we know He knows we appreciate His divinity. Do we not tend the tree to keep it fresh through the season appointed to remember His birth? The tree may be cut so we struggle to keep the message alive throughout the season of His coming into us individually. Or we may keep the live tree planted nearby to prolong the acknowledgment that life is precious.

Our Green Trees eventually end up put away, put aside, planted away. Jesus cannot be so. Jesus, THE GREEN TREE, must be the offering for us to a Holy and Righteous God from this same Holy and Righteous God so that our sins are forgiven. Yes, put at the foot of the cross, or is it a tree? He hung on the tree, to be our eternal life so that we would not be dry when the fires of the end of life burn the life from us. He is The Messiah, THE GREEN TREE.

Worship HIM when you see your tree.

Have a Blessed and Joyful CHRISTmas this year.