Knowledge vs Understanding vs Wisdom

We go through a series of steps in learning. First we are ignorant. Ignorant is not stupid, it is not knowing something. Ignorance is overcome by knowledge. Knowledge is knowing something about something. The more you know about something the more knowledgeable you become. Knowledge becomes understanding when we figure out how to apply the knowledge in a meaningful way. The more we figure something out the more understanding we have about something. Understanding requires a step of application. Once understanding is applied to something, then we have wisdom.

As the steps are accomplished, there are many sub-steps that finish a step. For example: If I want to drive a car and am ignorant, I have to do some study. Study may involve study of the steering wheel, the brake, the gear shifter, the clutch pedal, the gas pedal, the turn signal, the window crank, etc. To know a lot about these things means nothing if I have not understanding. Once I begin to see that the brake pedal and the clutch pedal have to be worked in harmony with the gas pedal, I am beginning to have understanding of this one sub-system of the car. After study and figuring out how they work together, I have to use them in harmony with each other. There is only one way to make that transition. Start trying the harmony in real application. The car may buck and stall a hundred times. This is not wisdom, this is still the last part of understanding and a beginning of wise application. After much practice and application, the motion of the car becomes smooth and the ride enjoyable. Wisdom on how to make the car go and stop is now a part of what I am.

Many parts of life are like learning to drive. In the arena of faith, we start ignorant. We study the scriptures or hear a sermon or attend a Bible study. All this does is break down the ignorance into knowledge. Wisdom comes as we see ways to apply what we have learned about faith. Figuring ways to be faithful. Wisdom comes once we solidly are faithful and enjoy being faithful. Knowledge puffs up. That is because we figure we know a lot about something. Wisdom comes from God Himself because He allows or starts the application of faith to our lives.

Step out on what you have studied and the Holy Spirit will show you wisdom about faith. The fruit of The Spirit is:











The key is application!