Yellow light bulb

You Are the Light Bulbs of the World

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid"

Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:14, Amplified Bible)

Pondering the nature of a light bulb gives us insight into the walk with Jesus Christ. Consider a light bulb for a moment. How often do you look at a light bulb when you walk into a room and turn on the lights? If you did look at the lit bulb, what could you tell about it’s character? Could you tell the wattage, the voltage, the mounting, the temperature? Not likely. You can tell the most about a light bulb when it is turned off and taken out of the socket. As part of the light of the world, can people tell a lot about you? If they can’t, you may not be turned on and may be out of your socket with Jesus.Light switchWhen a light is turned on, it is to see other things. When the light is on, then light from the bulb reveals what is in the room. Likewise, when you are turned on, you reveal the nature of what God has built into creation around you. The purpose of a light bulb is to shine. Do you shine? When a bulb is in the socket, the electricity can get into it and make it do what it is supposed to do, shine. As the electricity goes in, it lights up. As long as the electricity is coming through, it stays lit. A light bulb does not have a choice about when it will burn. Unless it is burned out, it will light when the power gets to it. If that switch is off, we will have no electricity through us and produce no light. If we are not plugged in, we will produce no light. Unplugged lights have no choice about shining. They cannot fulfill their purpose.Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat because there is resistance to the electricity. Fluorescent bulbs produce a little heat because of low resistance. The lighting element in an incandescent bulb is hard or tungsten metal and the lighting element in a fluorescent bulb is soft or gas. A fluorescent bulb of the same light output requires much less electricity to make light than an incandescent bulb. For example, an eleven watt fluorescent produces as much light as a sixty watt incandescent. That difference means there is about fifty watts of heat coming out of the incandescent bulb. Heat is not light. Suregery sceneThe electricity is silent and invisible. So is His Spirit. The easy test of a light bulb is to turn it on. In the box, it cannot reach electricity. When plugged in, the source of our spiritual energy will determine when and how much to glow. Wherever you are plugged in, there is where you get to glow. The illumination comes in and goes out and is not you. You are the electrical vessel. His nature shines through you. That is purpose.

How often have you felt the heat of the Light that is Jesus? That may have been frustrating to not feel it but He is perfectly efficient and does not need to produce heat to produce illumination. How much heat do you create when trying to get your point across to someone else? This is an indicator of how efficient you are in communicating. In the final days of this temporal existence, there will be a lot that is burned up. This means that a lot of inefficiency will cease because the inefficient will be consumed by fire from resistance. Be connected. Let your light shine. You are the light of the world!