Saints and Shadows

Image of a man and his shadow.Consider your life as it is now. Is all you see shadows? What does tell you about your position with Jesus Christ? If what you see is shadows, you are in the presence of The Light. There cannot be shadows without light. The problem is that you back is turned toward The Light and your focus is on the shadows. What is the logical thing to do at this point? Turn to The Light. That means make a 180-degree turn and face The Light. You will then see The Light upon His throne. The shadows will be behind you, out of the focus of your thoughts. Shadows are not heavy so you will be able to walk as you wish toward The Light. As you walk toward The Light, the shadows will get smaller. Yes, as you walk toward earthly light the shadows get bigger. This is The Eternal Light. It is so big that your shadows get smaller. When you are at The Light, the shadows nearly disappear. When you are in The Light, there are no shadows at all. The Light dispels the darkness. Always this is true. Walk to The Light and get in The Light and there will be no shadows at all ever again. Those things which bother or torment you will be gone and the joy of The Light will be encompassing you. Joy is better than frustration, anger, unmet expectations, confusion, fear, or problems of any kind.


If all you see is darkness, no light at all, there is a far greater problem. You are not in the presence of The Light. You must get in presence The Light to dispel the shadows. Satan sometimes acts like an angel of light. This light makes all seem dark around it. If the edges of you existence are in darkness, you are not near The Light. You must give up to Him who you are and get into the presence of The Light. Once you are in the presence of The Light, you can walk to The Light and the problems will be shortened until they are no longer with you at all. The Light is Jesus Christ. He sits upon the throne of grace and welcomes all who want to come near. There need be no fear, Jesus only wants to make you holy and able to be with Him on His throne. If you do not understand, that is okay. Ask someone with a Son-tan. They have been in The Light long enough to lead you or just answer questions.