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The Sexual Capital



God, in His great omniscience, has created, in each of us, a sexual nature. This nature is for the bringing of godly seed into the world and for the mutual deep intimate satisfaction of each other. Throughout history, people have squandered the investment God has put in us as sexual capital.

In righteousness, sexual activity outside marriage is not an option. We are to trust God to make us fit for marriage and to work in our spouse to make them fit for marriage. So often people use the fear of sexual incompatibility as a reason to test-drive the sexual part of the relationship. All men and all women are sexually compatible from a plumbing perspective, unless some type of physical damage occurred. The psychological compatibility is another question and not properly discovered by indulging in what God calls sin. (The primary nature of all sin is unbelief.)

Look at the sexual capital as follows:

God endows you with sexuality. He knows and affirms the nature He created in you and has a purposefulness for that nature. Look at that endowment as dollars you have in a certificate of deposit (CD) account. You know that the CD will mature in a predetermined time. As the CD waits for maturity, it gains interest. If you take money out of the CD or cash in the CD before it matures, you lose the interest it has gained. Also, you no longer can build interest on the capital spent. If you wait for the CD to mature, you receive the capital and the interest for your own use without a penalty. If you use your sexuality before marriage, you are withdrawing the capital and forfeiting the interest accrued. As you spend the capital, you are reducing the interest potential. When you do reinvest the capital, you can gain interest again but with less capital. Interest in sexuality is all psychological. If the sexual interest is lost spending the capital, you may have no interest in the marriage. You will have only the remaining capital to spend. God works at much higher interest rates than financial institutions here on earth. Saving both the capital and interest for the marriage means the interest will always be there and the capital never spent. You get to make the choice.

God can heal broken hearts and damaged minds so that the psychological factor does not destroy a marriage made for Him. He will give the opportunity to have mutuality in spirit, mind and body. Since satan does not like mutuality in marriage, he encourages people to destroy the interest they have in each other by getting them to sin. We have a choice about sin and we have to make those choices throughout life. You must choose. Also, you need as much information as possible for making the choices. Hopefully, this information will help you make a wise choice in how you are going to give yourself to your spouse. You either will deplete you of capital with no interest or be full of capital drawing unending interest.