The Hose

water hose coiled and storedConsider the working of a hose as you give of yourself to others.  To what are you hooked?  What comes in is what must come out.

baby holding a water hoseWhen the water is turned on at the spigot, a supply of fresh water is ready to go wherever the hose is pointed.  The hose gives nothing away except it receives it first.  If the hose is controlled on the outpouring end, pressure builds on the inside.  If the end of the hose is kept free and open, the pressure is at the minimum.

boy holding a water hoseWhat gets wetter, the garden or the inside of the hose?  The inside of the hose always gets wetter than where the water is poured.  The fresher the water, the sweeter the giving.  The longer time the hose holds the water, the more like the hose the water tastes until the hose is unable to give any fresh, sweet water.  Sometimes the water will spoil in the hose, especially when the weather is hot.  When the water spoils, it will come out stinky and undesirable.  If the hose is left to run, the water sweetens and cools the hose.  The open end of the hose can go wild if there is too much pressure on the delivery end.  Lots of things get wet without deliberate self-control.

girl squiting water up in the airGod's love is like the water in a hose.  There is no end of the supply.  It is always fresh.  The pressure to distribute is always there.  To hold back only creates pressure and then spoils the freshness of the love.  We can be connected to God for the flowing of fresh love to all with whom we come into contact.  Enjoy the fullness of the freshness and get wet.

water running out of a water hoseGive forth all the love that you can receive and you will always find that freshness and joy are available to you.

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