Tuned In or Tuned Out


tuning forkConsider the tuning fork and what it does and does not do. At a particular frequency, a tuning fork will produce a tone that is unique to that tuning fork. If another tuning fork of the same tone is in the same area and is struck so that it produces a tone, the quiet fork will pick up the resonance and begin to make the tone as well. This resonance can be called harmony and harmony can happen at different pitches. This is a simple feature of sound waves that move through the air. We are designed somewhat like a tuning fork. We are made to resonate with a particular frequency. We are made to resonate with other tuning forks and especially with God. So we have frequency, tone, resonance, and harmony. There is much more that can be said about tuning forks and how they work, but this is what you need to know about how we respond to our Heavenly Father.

We are somewhat like tuning forks. We are created to resonate with the designed frequency in harmony with God and others. Sin puts stuff on our spirit that keeps us from humming or singing on key. If you add anything like more metal, dirt, glue, paper to the tuning fork surface, or subtract anything from the tuning fork body, it will not resonate at the designed frequency. Such is the problem with humans. Sin was added to us and we have added more. We are all out of design and do not resonate when God is harmonizing. If a tuning fork has a lot of junk on it, it will not sing at all. Many of us have so much unforgiven sin in our lives that no matter how hard we hit ourselves to produce a tone, we only make a thud. At best we might hum out of key. We certainly will not harmonize with God. We are trying to make our own music instead of harmonizing with God, our Creator. If we all try to make music together, without His harmony, we are just a noise without harmony. No music.

tuning forkSo how do we get back in harmony? We have to submit to the Master Tuning Fork. We must let ourselves be returned to our original frequency. That will mean the loss of a lot of stuff that is not consistent with our created nature. Life’s additions, that were not intended from the start, must be removed. Such things as independence from God and others, pride, arrogance, rebellion, ignorance, slothfulness, etc. all add stuff, that is not our metal, to the outside. Abuse, carelessness, wrong attitudes adopted from others, all take away from our original metal. Only God The Creator knows how to remove and how to repair the damage wrought by Sin. Sin keeps us tuned out. Sin’s effects must go so that we may sing in harmony with our Creator Tuning Fork. When we hum in harmony together, we make a joyful noise, in harmony, with The Great God who wants us tuned in. That is a beautiful thing, worthy of The One Who loves us most. Hum on!