The great imperative operator is "WHY?". This is likely by design. This may be how God set us up to seek Him. Sin has reoriented us to seek anything else. As children, we start with "why?" in our hearts and continue to explore. Our curiosity continues to spur us to know. Individually we want to control what we do and do not know. To be rightly oriented to God is a gift. When we have a question "WHY?", we need to seek Him out and "Wonder How You?" are Who You are.

When you ask "WHY?" of God many times with the sense of wonder, you get a trail of many "WHY?"s. Knowing and acting upon what comes from these "WHY?"s will make you WISE for you are understanding the heart of God. "WHY?"s men still seek Him.

(Short Quickie Lesson:  When you ask other people "why," they will generally think that you are suggesting they have done something wrong or are planning to do something wrong.  Reformatting your question to not use "why" will help avoid defensiveness.  "Why are you wearing that shirt?" can be reformatted to "What made you think of wearing that shirt?"  Watch the tone of voice too.  It is a little thing but can help a lot.)