Body/Relationship Metaphor:

The human body and relationships have some things in common.

Consider how a body lives and stays healthy.

1. The body has a skeletal structure to give it a shape and the shape conforms to the purpose. A relationship has a purpose or purposes to give it a reason or reasons. All that goes on within a relationship ought to conform to the purpose of the relationship. Each interaction will display the purpose of the relationship.

2. The body is made up of cells. A relationship is made up of interactions. These are the most basic living parts.

3. For a body to live, the blood must get to every cell in the body. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to every cell and carries waste-products away. For a relationship to live, knowing must get to every interaction.

4. Blood vessels (arteries, capillaries, and veins) must go to every cell for blood to get there. Communication is like the vessels. Communication must give knowing to every interaction of the relationship for good health in the relationship. Without communication there will be pain and/or death. Without oxygen and nutrients, the body will suffer an infarct which is painful. The relationship will suffer and infarct if the knowing stops flowing. (A myocardial infarction is a heart attack. Very painful in the body.)

5. Every body has a heart to pump the blood through the vessels. Every relationship has two pumps to initiate knowing, the wills of both people. Either can send knowing through communication to the other or request knowing from the other.

6. The kidneys clean the blood so that toxins are removed. Forgiveness cleans the toxins in the knowing so the relationship stays healthy or returns to good health.

In the: - Body - Relationship
Structure - Skeleton - Purpose
Living Parts are - Cells - Interactions
Life is in the - Blood - Knowing
Giving comes by - Vessels - Communication
Initiation by the - Heart - Will
Cleaned through - Kidneys - Forgiveness