is the exchange of mental understanding.

"Exchange:" giving fully to the other with no expectation of a return.

"Mental:" electrical impulses that course across your brain as emotional/instinctive, data/intellectual, or creative thoughts. Not visible outside without communication.

"Understanding:" standing under to receive the information fully when poured out.

Communication builds the picture in your mind in the other person’s mind.

The communication process takes time to cultivate and even longer to grow.

Communication is not what you thought the other person said.

Communication comes in a combination of WORDS and BEHAVIORS.

The use of "code words" speeds the communication process once the code words are specifically defined. (Word Pictures are a good way to help clear up the meaning of code words)

Communication requires that you enter a feedback cycle. Only through giving back what you understood, can communication fulfill its purpose.


Standing-Under Process

Talk - Listen - Talk - Listen Listen - Talk - Listen - Talk (FEEDBACK CYCLE)

Offering Plate

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