<> As carrots, steak, salads, and chocolate feed the body, relationships feed the soul (your unique character).

<> Human beings need many different types of relationships for the soul to grow and be happy or sad. Without relationships, the soul will starve.

<> A relationship involves the way we feel about a person.

<> A relationship involves the interaction of two people.

<> Communication and trust are key elements for growth in a relationship.

<> Intimacy and vulnerability are indicators of the level of a relationship.

<> Relationships can be deep or shallow and one is not more right or wrong than the other - just different.

<> The bar scale represents the levels and complexity of a relationship. The scale is like a Richter Scale, so 2 is 10 times more complex than 1 and 5 is 10,000 times more complex than 1. The scale measures the complexity of relationships.  Complexity increases with how much you know.  (The times at the top of the scale are how quickly a well formed relationship will achieve that level of complexity if the people work the process.  Use this a a reasonable, minimum time.)

Scale for measuring relationships
L Represents a tough relationship - J Represents a comfortable relationship

<> Relationships at level "1" may be with a store clerk.

<> Relationships at level "4" may be with your child’s teacher.

<> Relationships at level "6" will be with someone you love.

<> Relationships at level "7" are deep enough for marriage.

<> Relationships at level "9" require and nurture on complete body, soul and spiritual intimacy. This would be a mature marriage with lots of unconditional giving and acceptance.

<> Each person has their own level. The level is discernable by what the person is willing to give and receive.

<> A comfortable relationship will have both people within one level of each other. 

A relationship is like an Offering Plate  Take your understanding to the next level.  Freedom to give and freedom to receive.

Relationships and Emotional Distress  Emotional distress is the result of relationships that drain instead of feed the soul (emotions, intellect, and will) of a person.

Check out the Body/Relationship Metaphor for more information.